Harvest Health and Rehab - Harvest Practices Discrimination!

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Harvest Health and Rehab, a division of Covenant Dove, practices discrimination against its employees.If you are a minority or handicapped you will be discriminated against6.

The company has not ONE African American in a position of authority. All the unit managers, department heads and administration are white! There was a case there recently where a handicapped employee was let go due to his handicap. This is a VERY bad company that is facing EEOC charges for their discriminatory practices!

The parent company, Covenant Dove, is also facing discrimination charges in California and Mississippi.

Beware!If you go work for them GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING!!!!



Racist place to be at.Short staff.

On surface it looks ok until you become a patient. White nurses are rude and less attentive to minorities.

Minority nurses are always complaining about how racist administration are to them.All adm are white.

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